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Although awareness in the West is growing, in India and other third world countries it is not yet understood what a damaging "food" milk is. We give below some reasons for not drinking milk. We do recommend that you further educate yourself by reading books on the subject .

Let us look at it using our common sense - is there any other animal in nature that drinks another animal's milk after it has been weaned away from the mother's milk? Even a calf, once weaned will not drink cow's milk - so why do humans? Domestic pets (dogs and cats) drink milk because we have corrupted them into doing this.

The calcium in milk is bound up in casein. Casein and lactose are broken down in our body by rennin and lactase respectively. Both these enzymes are all but missing from the human body by the age of 3 - in many cases even earlier. (There is 300 times more casein in cow's milk than in human milk). Casein, incidentally, is the substance from which wood glue (Fevicol!) is made !

This gluey substance in milk remains undigested in our body where it sticks to the mucous membrane of the intestines.

The intestines react by secreting more mucous to wash it off.

Soon it begins to degenerate and putrify due to the bacteria feeding on it. This putrid matter is then pushed around in the body - never able to leave and causing more and more mucous to be produced which the body endeavours to throw out through its orifices. If you suffer from tonsilitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, ear infections, asthma, discharging eyes, vaginal discharges, amoebiasis, migraine, colitis STOP THE MILK.

The calcium in the milk is, in fact, a red herring - we go after it and acquire all sorts of diseases. The truth is - the more milk we drink, the more we are likely to suffer from calcium deficiency! The high phosphorus content in milk upsets the delicate balance which the blood maintains betweeen phosphorus and calcium. Due to the high phosphorus content, the blood is forced to DRAW calcium from healthy bones and teeth - so drinking milk can actually cause osteoporosis (brittle bones) and can cause teeth to decay. Which are the countries with maximum osteoporosis? The milk guzzling countries - Sweden, USA, Finland and UK have the highest rates of osteoporosis.

The excess calcium so carried by the blood is then deposited in soft tissues causing tumours, cataracts, kidney and gall stones, spurs and bony growths, spondylitis, sciatica, thyroid problems, prostate problems, atherosclerosis (deposits in arteries) many more diseases. What is the first thing the body does when the milk is ingested? The body produces acidic enzymes in order to curdle the milk so that it can stay longer in the stomach for digestion.

So how do we (please let's use common sense here) expect ulcer patients to get well with milk when its direct action is to instantly produce more acid in the body? And of course you must have heard that "cold milk" must be taken. Why? Why cold milk? Why not hot milk? Again let's use our common sense - because it is the "cold" that is working to give you temporary relief - not the milk. Cold water would be a better bet.

The things that you are told not to have are sour things. In fact lemon water and tamarind water are both powerful antacids. (This may sound peculiar when doctors keep telling us that these two items are acidic). What we view under the "microscope" in the laboratory is not necessarily how the inside of our body views it.

Inside the body both these remove acid. Take a cue from our traditional eating patterns - our chutneys, chaats, sambars, rasams - which are "hot and spicy" - always use tamarind in the recipes to antidote the ulcer causing chillies.

Another thing that antidotes the chillies is pure desi ghee (clarified butter). Again let us take a cue from our South Indian food - Every serving of rice is liberally "garnished" with desi ghee to antidote the chillies in the "hot" sambars and rasams. People with operable peptic and duodenal ulcers have been saved from the surgeon's knife by simply changing these two things :

1. giving up all non-vegetarian foods, eggs and dairy products EXCEPT ghee (cooking everything in ghee - no oil) butter and homemade yoghurt (curds).

2. introducing fresh lemon and water into their early morning regimen on waking (honey may be added but no salt or sugar).

Try it - don't take our word for it ! Within 10-15 days you will see the difference if not sooner. You may get what looks like an aggravation of cold symptoms for a few days, but that will pass - it's nothing but the body cashing in on the unexpected break to throw out accumulated garbage. Joints may also pain as the uric acid begins to come away from the joints. In a month you will fee like a new person.

There may be weight loss. This causes a lot of people to panic that they are getting "weak" Unfortunately, in India people associate "health" with being fat. Again, the awareness level is so low - very few in the medical world pay any attention to educating their patients that "fat" is not healthy. Many people are aware that at the age of 40 being overweight is not good - but few are able to comprehend that the foundation of "fat" is laid in childhood - that the foundation of all diseases starts with wrong eating patterns acquired through childhood conditioning.

It is naive and ridiculous for parents, grandparents & "well wishers" to respond to this information with the statement : "But the children must "enjoy" their childhood." Yes - enjoy their childhood visiting doctors every month, guzzling antibiotics & suffer their adult-hood with high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disorders, heart trouble, arthritis, cancer or worse!

Note : For further information on this subject see Appendix - "Recommended Reading" (Fit for Life, Heads & Tails, Diet for a New America)   WHY IS MILK INDIGESTIBLE NOW?   Rennin and lactase were being produced in our bodies not long ago. Why has the human body stopped producing these two enzymes now? Why is milk consumption proving to be disastrous for mankind?

Consider this: We call the cow "mother cow" because like the mother she gives her milk to us. In fact she is more than mother because she feeds us at the cost of her own babies.

How have we treated this mother? Go to any modern dairy and see how the cow is treated. Over fattened with drugs, this gentle herbivore is fed chicken bones in its feed. She is not gently milked by a loving cowherd - instead her udder is hooked to a machine. She stands long hours parting with milk in this crude way all the year round. Her milk is produced at the behest of hormones.

In India, this great land of ahimsa, the conditions are even more shocking! "Oxytocin" is a hormone which is meant to be used by obstetricians during childbirth in women where the contractions of the uterus are insufficient. Oxytocin produces contractions in the uterus.

Indian milkmen inject the cows and buffalos with oxytocin TWICE a day - causing "labour pains" in the animal TWICE A DAY. They do this because this causes the milk to flow faster. Oxytocin is a "banned" drug worldwide for animals, but is available at a throw-away cost in India and almost every milkman uses it. Besides the fact that this hormone causes several disorders in humans when they drink this milk, it causes acute torture to the animal.

As if this is not enough, Indian milkmen push an iron rod into the uterus of the cow and crudely shake it about to cause pain, which they believe will make the milk flow faster. Dear sisters, can you imagine what this must feel like? What kind of milk do you think a cow that goes through this kind of torture, will "gift" us? Nutritious? Imagine you are that cow. What kind of sentiments would you have towards man? Would you bless man that he thrives on the milk or would you "CURSE" him that he suffers? As we sow so shall we reap. Perhaps we are suffering from the collective curse of the cows of the world!

Flax seed oil is a better choice than Ghee .Modern dairy products are too tainted these days to recommend any of them.

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