Coffee Enema and Enema Information

Coffee enemas rapidly help remove toxins from the liver. They often provide quick relief when one is fatigued, sleepy, has headaches, or is just feeling poorly. They also help against spasms, precordial (heart, throat, chest) pain and difficulties resulting from the sudden withdrawal of all intoxicating sedation. 

A coffee enema, when done properly, causes the liver to produce more bile, opens the bile ducts and causes the bile to flow. In this process, a toxic liver can dump many of its toxins into the bile and get rid of them in just a few minutes. This often gives great relief to all parts of the body, and often makes the difference between lying down feeling miserable and feeling good and being active.

It is interesting to note that drinking a cup of coffee has an entirely different effect from that of using it as a cleansing enema. Drinking coffee causes the following problems; increased reflex response, lowers blood pressure, increases heart rate, causes insomnia and heart palpitations, over stimulates the adrenals, irritates the stomach, and leaves a toxic residue in the body.  

Preparing the Coffee Enema

Add 3 heaping tablespoons of organically grown ground coffee to 1 quart of distilled water. Let boil lightly for 3 minutes, then simmer with lid on for 20 minutes. Strain off the grounds and allow to cool to body temperature.


Using the Coffee Enema Mixture

Lying down on your right side, with both leg drawn close to the abdomen. Breathe deeply, in order to suck in the greatest amount of fluid into the colon. The coffee mixture should be retained for 12 to 15 minutes. The caffeine goes through the hemorrhoidal veins directly into the portal veins and into the liver.

When doing the cleanse, one or two coffee enemas a week should be fine if before the cleanse you passed the pH test. (See pH test information)

Chemicals in commercially grown coffee could damage the liver when used in a coffee enema. Use only organically grown coffee!


Enema Infomation

"I would look elsewhere than conventional medicine for help if I contracted a severe viral disease like hepatitis or polio, or a metabolic disease like diabetes. I would not seek allopathic (M.D.) treatment for cancer, except for a few varieties, or for such chronic ailments as arthritis, asthma, hypertension, MS, or for many other chronic diseases of the digestive, circulatory, musculoskeletal, and nervous systems. Although allocates give lip service to the concept of preventive medicine, for practical purposes they are unable to prevent most of the diseases that disable and kill people today" Dr. Andrew Weil, Health and Healing p. 83

You might be asking what the above quote has to do with enemas. Throughout history people have been using enemas as a tool to cleanse the colon, as a central tool of preventive medicine. The Bible, the ancient Egyptian document, Papyrus, the Hindus, Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Sumarians have all used this bodily cleansing tool to make their lives and their health better. In the 17th century, enemas were considered essential to well-being throughout the Western world. In 1917, Dr. Kellogg reported in the Journal of American Medicine that "in more than 40,000 cases, as a result of diet, exercises and enema, (in all but twenty cases), he had used no surgery for the treatment of gastrointestinal disease in his patients." As a health practitioner, I see daily that enemas are an excellent tool for maintenance and restoration of health.

A saying I hear often is "Death Begins in the Colon." Not only do I see this reality in my clients but there is currently an epidemic of digestive illness in our country. One-third to one-half of all adults have digestive illness-over 62 million people. According to a May 1994 study, 69 percent of the people studied reported having at least one gastrointestinal problem within the previous three months. Except for the common cold, digestive problems are the most common reason people seek medical advice. Given Andrew Weil's advice, I urge people to reclaim the healing waters of the enema.

Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C., warned that "when toxins are being assimilated or created in the body faster than they can be gotten rid of, or when one or more of the eliminative systems are under active, trouble lies ahead. I am convinced that toxic accumulations in the body create the necessary preconditions for disease to develop." My clients have reported healing in relation to the following conditions after using enemas, supplementation and dietary changes:

*Asthma *Chronic Fatigue *Joint and Muscle pain *Candida *PMS *Fibromyalgia *Acne *Bloating and Gas *Colitis *Sinusitis *Irritable Bowel Syndrome * Constipation *Depression *Depressed Immune Function *High Blood Pressure *Allergies *Headaches *Back Problems

A key concept to understand in taking charge of your health is that whenever you have inflammation or imbalance in one area of your body, it can show up wherever you have weakness in other areas of the body. For example, a client of mine had a car accident. She hurt her hip. Months later, after recovering fully, she got a cold. Her head was all stuffed up and her hip ached for the first time in weeks. This is a powerful principle to understand in relation to the colon. Most people don't feel that their colon is toxic. Yet, colon cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the United States. This disease catches up with people. They may have had years of back aches, or headaches, or moodiness. These signs are often the bodies best attempt to tell you that your colon is in need of care.

How to Take an Enema

Enema bags or colema boards are the perfect tools for cleansing your colon at home. The enema bag is cheaper, holds much less water(thus less water gets into the colon), and is not done over the toilet. However, you can hook it up to your water source for continual flow. With an enema bag, you can easily use only supplements like olive oil, aloe vera, MSM, probiotics, coffee, etc. My clients see many benefits to using these and other products intermittently with reverse osmosis water.

When taking an enema, hang the bag at least 18 inches above your body. Before you fill the bag, make sure the tubing clamp is shut tight so that the content of the bag does not leak out. Lubricate the rectal tip with a non-petroleum lubricant like vitamin E or Super Salve. Lie on your back on a towel on the floor or on any other flat surface. Open the tubing clamp. Let as much liquid into your colon as you feel comfortable with. Continue this process until the bag is empty. My favorite colon soothing recipe is the Olive Oil/Aloe Vera Mix. (See recipes.) At this point, either massage your colon from left to right, descending colon to ascending colon, in small circular motions or lift your buttocks off the ground with your legs or in a full shoulder stand( not recommend if you haven't tried this before)to further move the liquid into your colon. Try to retain the enema for about 15 minutes or longer. Evacuate whenever you need to.

Colema Boards are more expensive ranging from $200 - $400 (but cheaper than colon hydrotherapy sessions at $60-$100 per session), hold 4-5 gallons of water and are done over the toilet. You fill the bucket with room temperature, reverse osmosis water. It must set one to two feet above your body. At this point, you can add to your water 1/4 cup of lemon juice, one tablespoon of Epsom salts, one cup of garlic water, blended and strained garlic cloves, one to two cups of coffee, or one cup of bentonite clay. (All of these products wil have different results so know what you are doing!) You will have to get a suction in the hose before it will flow down. To do this, fill the plastic hose up with water and let some of it out. This will create suction. Clamp the tube and put one end in the bucket. One end of the colema board lies over the toilet bowel and the other end lies on a chair. You may want to put an old kitchen colander (strainer) in the toilet to catch any hardened mucus or fecal matter. Some people are astounded by what comes out. Seeing is believing. Next, lubricate the plastic tubing which goes into the rectum. Towels on the board help for comfort. Lie down and insert the tube into the rectum. Do not try to hold too much water in the beginning. If you feel any pressure, then simply "let go" and the water will come pouring out into the toilet. The more you get used to taking home colonics, the more you will know exactly how much you can hold.

I recommend that people start the process with what they feel comfortable with themselves. Some people are going to feel much more at ease having a trained professional assisting them to clean their colon. Other people can discuss an enema but feel too shy to let a stranger do this to them. I believe that colon cleansing is a very important tool in health maintenance and I recommend that you start what is easy for you as soon as possible. I think that you will be pleased!

More Enema Recipes

Garlic: Throw 4-6 garlic bulbs into 2 cups of boiling water. Turn heat down to a simmer. Cook for 5 minutes. Blend and strain. Mix with at least 2 quarts of water in your colema bucket. Garlic is a very strong antibiotic, antifungal and antiparastic herb. Use with caution. If your colon is infested with parasites or candida, this could cause too much die-off.

Olive Oil/Aloe Vera: This is my favorite recipe. In an enema bag, pour one cup of organic olive oil and one cup of organic aloe vera juice. Open four MSM capsules and mix with liquid. Slowly pour into colon with enema bag. Hold as long as you are able. This will soothe the intestinal lining during inflammation as well as clean the colon. Flaxseed Oil can be used in place of the Olive Oil but will be less soothing and more directed towards eliminating candida infestations.

Slippery Elm: In a blender, mix 4 cups water with one tablespoon of slippery elm powder. Blend and strain. Add to enema bag or bucket. This mixture is reported to neutralize an acid colon and absorb foul gases. It may be good for colitis, diarrhea and hemorrhoids.

Acidophilus/Bifidus These two probiotics are excellent healthy bacteria for balancing intestinal flora. Put 1 teaspoon in 2 cups of water or aloe vera juice and hold the mixture for as long as you can. It is great to do this procedure after a colonic.

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